Vesta & Hespe Star - Chunky Trace Bracelet - Silver


VESTA- Goddess of the Home. Sumptuously chunky bracelet with a hammered Hespe Star charm and Ana Verdun's signature T-bar clasp. For silver lovers, this is a seriously decadent piece of bling to spoil yourself with!

A hefty weight to its chunky links in solid silver, just putting it on will make you feel so special you won't want to take it off!

That satisfying rustle, jangle of metal and the elegant silver that's always easy to combine and wear. 

MATERIALS: Sterling silver and 22 ct gold vermeil details. Chunky Trace Chain, each link is approx. 12mm long, 10mm width and 2.4mm thickness. Total Bracelet's length 7" inches (18cm)

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