Behrianna Cocktail Ring - 7.5 mm - Smoky Quartz - 9ct, 14ct & 18ct Gold


These vibrant cocktail rings are just too delicious for words and are always the first in our display to catch the eye! With a range of beautiful semi-precious stones across the golden rings, they are wonderful on their own but are much, much better stacked!!

Although it resembles an acorn, the distinctive natural texture around the cup is actually based on a "gumnut" from the gumtree (eucalyptus tree). Originally found on the forest floor in Spain, this little treasure went on to inspire a whole collection of beloved jewels, of which the Behrianna rings are the most popular of all. The variety of colour combinations also make them irresistibly collectible!

MATERIALS:  9ct, 14ct &18ct solid gold with 7.5 mm round  Smoky Quartz.
CODE: BR-7.5m-SQ-SolG

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