Alanna Pendant - 18ct - Topaz & Diamonds


The Alanna pendant is another spectacular one-of-a-kind piece. Featuring an oval white topaz that's been sitting loose in Ana's gemstones box for many years, waiting for its moment to shine in the perfect setting."Gemstones have a strange kind of magic and magnetism and a peculiar way of communicating, in this case, to myself as the designer/maker.

Many years ago, in Venezuela, I bought this white topaz among others from a Brazilian gem dealer. They've been sitting in my treasure box ever since. From time to time I've looked at them but then got distracted by other gems, and it's only now when, in some mysterious way, they've called me somehow... Drawn in by their beautiful crystalline icy flair. So here they are! Brought out into the world, where they belong, under the name of Alanna"

MATERIALS: 18ct gold. Oval White Topaz (approx.7ct). Brilliant-cut diamonds (0.6ct).

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